The most popular e-mail service by Google has been made easy to access by public through its customisable service. You can now get access to Gmail through all client operating systems that are widely available. For example, Microsoft Outlook is one of the major client softwares that are associated with Google and can be used to run Gmail from your preferred devices. This system allows you to get access to all your e-mail addresses at a go. Therefore, Outlook SMTP settings for Gmail can be utilised very effectively to keep in touch with all our contacts.

There are certain very easy steps that can help you out in getting the most of your account. Make sure you abide by all the steps very carefully because if anything gets wrong in the whole process, chances are that your account might get blocked.

The following steps are helpful in syncing your e-mail addresses and get Outlook SMTP settings for Gmail:

  • Start Outlook.
  • Click tools and then go to the option E-mail Accounts.
  • As the Outlook window pops up, select the option which says 'Ass a new e-mail account'.
  • Click 'Next'. A window will come, which will ask your server preferences.
  • Choose your desired server. It may be POP3 or IMAP. If you want to select IMAP. This is because Gmail will as it is save a copy of all your e-mails. This is the same thing that an IMAP server does.
  • Now come the Outlook SMTP settings for Gmail. Remember this is where you should determine your preferences and set up the Outlook Gmail settings.
  • Next, you have to furnish all your information that shall be recorded as user information. This consists of your Gmail address, your password as well as Gmail server ids, server ports of Gmail along with the display name you would like to see on the Gmail. The name that you choose shall be seen by everybody, so make sure that you be careful while setting it so that it does not create confusion and problem among the other users.
  • Insert Gmail servers on the section that is allotted for Server Information section.

Therefore, you must take care that you should deliver all your details to the coxes so that you do not face any problem while accessing your Gmail account from a device you prefer. All the above-mentioned steps are important for you to furnish, if you want to get all your e-mail addresses synced into one single device. Get the most of your Gmail accounts right now!

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