Microsoft has been on the forefront of the computer companies and has occupied a major portion all across the globe. Microsoft offers services like email address, search engines, operating system, software and many others. Its email address available via msn is widely used across the world for business as well as personal usage. Microsoft email address is available as and is free to use for anyone. The email account is highly secured but there are few situations when people might encounter issues with their account as blocked. They need to access their account back but due to lack of technical knowledge they remain unable to do so. Getting MSN technical Support via toll free number can help the in getting back their locked out email account.

How to fix locked msn email account?

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to access your msn email account and if you have to read a very urgent mail and you are unable to access your email account then it can be a huge loss to you. So you should follow below steps in case you have locked out email account.

Reset your password: Answer the security questions to reset your password. This can unblock your email account.

Contact MSN Support: in such situation, get in touch with the technical person via msn technical support toll free number and get quick resolution for your issues.

Reset password through alternate email id: you must have entered an alternate email id at the time of account creation. This email id can be used to reset password at any later time when you have issues with your account password.

How to Contact MSN technical support phone number

Well, this is not all ! You will be engulfed in a lot more issues in your email while using this email program. While some issues are petty, some are too complex to handle all alone. So to cope up with them requires the support of MSN support executives who are always there to bring smile on your faces with their world class customer service. The users can get in touch with sincere and responsible representatives by calling MSN technical support phone number which is the best way to get connected to these officials. Once the user calls on this number, one of the technical professional comes to his rescue loaded with all the advanced knowledge he is possessing just to let the users use their email once again without any error whatsoever.

Crack MSN Glitches with a Quick MSN Customer Service

MSN email platform is a well recognised platform which is equipped with a lot of attributes which entice the users to register with it. This is the reason why many users admire it over other email services. However not all are satisfied with it as the users, in general, are engulfed into a variety of hassles while using this email services. Some of the blockades you might face in it are MSN account login issues, sending and receiving email issues and so on. Some users also struggle in creating a new MSN email account which is really easy to create. If you are one of them, then refer to the instructions as follows:-

  • First visit the home page of MSN
  • Now sign up for a new MSN email account
  • After that click Email Solutions in the box named MSN Services
  • Now click the arrow in the box named MSN Hotmail
  • Next choose a User ID for a Hotmail account
  • Now choose password and then type in the box
  • After that re-type the password in the other box
  • Now provide the name as well as contact information
  • Next go through the MSN service agreement and then click on I Accept

In case you can’t follow these guidelines, then all you can do is to call MSN technical support number straightforwardly.

How to Reset MSN Password

Many users who look for a tech support for their MSN password reset problem may find the below steps helpful and need not contact the MSN support for this glitch:-

  • First of all visit
  • click on the option Forgot your password
  • Type the email for which you wish to reset the password
  • Now type CAPTCHA code and click Continue
  • Click on send password reset questions in email
  • Next click on Alternate email
  • Now click Continue and then click on OK
  • Next follow the instructions and reset your password

However if you can’t help yourself removing your issue this way, then an MSN customer service help will be the most appropriate for you. The group of engineers can easily address the issues which are providing you unlimited stress. Hence if you are looking to rectify your MSN associated technical errors in a lightening speed, then call MSN technical support number instantly.

Block unsolicited emails in any MSN email service through simple steps

MSN email service is available through These days the Hotmail users can also avail their decade old Hotmail email service through MSN’s provides the most up-to-date email service to the millions of account holders all over the world. People use their MSN accounts for various purposes including a great many professional reasons. On the other hand, immensely popular MSN technical support offers all kinds of technical help to all MSN email users. The technical staffs are always ready to solve any issue that can hinder the normal working of the email service.

Blocking someone on MSN email service

Technical support team frequently receive a request from the account holders seeking help to block someone or a complete domain on their Outlook email service. Many times email account holders receive unsolicited emails or people disturbing them unnecessarily with junk emails. In such cases, the ids can be blocked through changing the setting a little bit. Here are the steps to be followed:

Step 1: The user needs to find the Help & Settings menu and then click on “Settings”.

Step 2: Now he needs to find the Email option which is available in the left pane.

Step 3: There the option “Junk email guard” will be available which is to be selected now.

Step 4: Here again he needs to click on “Blocked Senders List” where he can find the field to put an email address.

Step 5: To block a particular email address, the user needs to type the entire email address like Here he could add as many email ids as he needs to block. In case, the entire domain is to be blocked the user needs to type the domain name only as “”

An MSN technical support executive can guide any MSN email user in changing the setting of the email service to block any one or more email addresses which are undesirable or sending junk emails. The user can unblock the email addresses any time later just by deleting the addresses from the blocked email list.

MSN Technical support Number

This email platform proffers a large number of exquisite features which is truly appreciated by its users. Not only it is equipped with a great spam filtering facility, but its message delivery system also is quite appreciating. However with positives, negatives come too and the MSN email is no exception. On a daily basis, countless users look for an extraordinary MSN technical support service to handle any issue efficaciously which is causing a great tension to them. MSN support representatives can be easily contacted by the MSN users to get rid of the technical blockades which has become mystery to them. The MSN technical suppport staff is instrumental in offering sound technical solutions against any MSN email issue mentioned above.

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