In 1976, Apple was introduced in the world of digital market and with time, it has become the favorite and preferred brand name for all. Apple came up with both hardware and software along with varied range of device that all most fulfills the basic requirement of any individual to cope up with the changing environment of the digital world. The laptop launched by Apply was named as Mac.

MAC – Features

  • Taking a trimmed screenshot of the desired screen by holding down Command + Shift + 4
  • Hiding the dock in a flash by pressing Command + Option + D
  • Inverting the colors of the screen by holding down Command + Option + Control + 8
  • Quick tab management helps to get rid of the too many applications that are running by holding command and pressing the tab key to cycle through the applications
  • Using Spotlight search as a calculator by pressing Command + Spacebar
  • Easily group files into one folder by clicking on the files that the user like to group, right click and select "New Folder with Selection
  • Experience Expose in slow motion can be manipulated to work in slow motion by holding "Shift" while then pressing the Expose key (usually F9, F10, or F11)
  • Hidden icon in plain sight treats like a normal file icon and when dragged it wherever the user like it will also move the file
  • An Apple icon in a flash can be created by holding down Option + Shift + K
  • Creating a Signature in Preview is easy to add a signature to the document by clicking on the Signature button and choosing the Create Signature from Built-in iSight option and then following the on-screen instructions to add a signature to the document
  • Merging the contents of two identically named folders but dragging one folder onto another by using Option – Dragging
  • Built-in emoji Support is extremely easy, just by pressing ctrl +⌘ + space to open the window
  • Speech-to-Text Conversion helps to convert the user speech-to-text by pressing the function (fn) key twice and begin speaking
  • Easy Volume and Brightness Control by holding ⇧ + ⌥ together to change the brightness in small increments and for changing the volume control without affecting the brightness control by just holding the ⇧ key

MAC Technical Support Number

Before the user call the Mac technical support, he or she should have the serial number for the Mac ready and then start the support request online and the highly qualified professionals will be connected for an expert advice or support. They might have to move forward and provide assistance to the new users as well.

The Mac users are always recommended to dial Mac technical Support Number for the incredible support and enjoy expeditious solutions of their impeccable services for any hindrance. They deploy free diagnoses solutions 24X7 through various modes of delivering services that provide customer's satisfaction by offering personal assistance through online.

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