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The role of email has increased now a day in making the communication process easy and secure. Email is one of the best way to share audio, video and other files. Whether people are using it for personal use or for professional use, no doubt email is the best way to communicate. There are many big names providing email services like gmail, outlook, yahoo and others. Hotmail is one such big name owned by Microsoft. It has millions of users from all across the globe. People mainly rely Hotmail due to its advanced security features. But despite of such advanced features, users sometimes encounter serious technical problems in their Hotmail account. To get quick resolution for these issues, users need to get Hotmail Technical Support through dedicated technical support number.

It is always important to dial the support number of Hotmail because it is the fastest technique to connect with the experts.Whatever issues that are currently faced through the individuals will immediately get solve through technical team assistance.Technical team is certified and qualified and have solution to all important issues.Expert would first analyse the problem and come over the conclusion that which technique would be more suitable for solving the respective bug.

Number of issues that has been solved yet through the technical team:

  • Getting hurdles while accessing Hotmail account on mobile device
  • New password creation issue in Hotmail
  • Sending and receiving mail errors
  • Hotmail configuration problems
  • Hotmail account management problem
  • File attachments problem would get solve easily
  • Hotmail account recovery issue
  • Want to set filter for the mails
  • Security related problems would get solve as soon as possible
  • Hacked account issue

Those who need help with any of the given technical bugs, could do the instant connection with the Hotmail technical support team.To be in contact of the support team,users are always required to dial the help number that would be given over the support site.The support team would resolve the user's problem as soon as possible.

Why Hotmail Technical Support Number Is Important To Everybody

Are you one of them who is suffering from the Hotmail technical bugs? It is now the right time and place to reach for support. For getting help with the technical bugs,users are required to connect with the experts.Hotmail customers could expect help on time and with reliable rates that could be paid easily. Tech experts are known for providing the instant resolution for the bugs.To be in contact of the support team,users are required to dial the help number that is easy to obtain on the customer support site.

Hotmail Customer Service

Hotmail is now operable through That means, your decade old Hotmail account in now safe and more useful. Hotmail has a great many attractive features and tools very useful in professional setups as well. Hotmail customer service is the most efficient customer support system that helps in maintain your Hotmail account always up to date. In any sorts of issues, technical or non-technical, the customer service is always there to help you.

Features of Hotmail customer service

This customer service is run by the most proficient technicians who have in-depth knowledge on every single aspect of Hotmail technical support. The mention-worthy features of this service are as follows:

  • Hotmail users can call the customer service whenever they feel a need.
  • The service remains open for the millions of Hotmail users 24/7. That means you can call for a technical support just when you need.
  • The Hotmail technical support team is very prompt in their service. They don’t keep any client waiting for a long time. You will be amazed to see how prompt they are.
  • This customer service can be called for any kinds of help, including account related problems, activating tools in Hotmail, understanding various features in Hotmail and so on.

Why choose Hotmail customer support service?

  • Support is available 24/7.
  • Live support is available by experts.
  • Easy and effective way to fix issues.

If you are hanged with any issue in your Hotmail account then get Hotmail Technical Support and fix the issues to work with your Hotmail account seamlessly.

How to Recover Hotmail Password

  • Open Hotmail login page.
  • Click on “Can’t access your account”.
  • Select “I forget my password” and then click “Next”.
  • Enter your Hotmail email id.
  • Fill in the Captcha image and click “Next”.
  • Choose the way to recover password.
  • Open the link in the mail if you have chosen email as recovery option.
  • Create a new password.

How to Forward Multiple Emails in Hotmail

A Hotmail account boasts of a number of attributes which provides the users a reason to cheer. One of the features of this account is multiple email forwarding feature which can be used by all the users. However many users are not aware of the right steps to forward multiple emails in the Hotmail account. In such adverse circumstances, they are not supposed to be distressed and call a Hotmail technical support official as they can easily use this feature with the help of the following instructions

Steps to Forward Multiple Emails are as follows:

  • First create a new Outlook folder
  • After that copy all the messages you wish to forward to the folder named Forward
  • Now ensure that the folder named Forward is opened
  • Next ensure to open Home ribbon
  • Now click on Rules in the category named Move
  • Next choose Create Rule and click on Advanced Options
  • Now click on Next
  • After that click on Yes under the rule named This rule will apply to every message your receive. Is this correct?
  • Ensure to forward it to the public group as an attachment to forward messages
  • Now click on the option people or public group
  • Next double click on the desired list or contact from the address book or enter the email id to which you like to forward under To
  • Now click on OK
  • After that click on Next
  • Now click Next again
  • Now ensure to check Turn on this rule
  • Finally ensure to Run this rule now on messages already in Forward
  • Finally click on Finish

In case you are not able to follow the above steps, then call Hotmail technical support phone number instantly to forward multiple emails in Hotmail.

How to attach a photo in Hotmail email?

You may need to attach a photo or image with your Hotmail email meant to somebody else. The process is as follows:

  • Open your Hotmail account through
  • Open a new window to compose a new email or give reply to an email
  • You have two options to attach an image – either click on the small paper clip icon a visible below the window for writing or click on the insert option available at the top of the window. In both cases, browse your computer to attach the desired image.

In another way, you can copy the image from your computer at first, then paste the image into the body of the email where the text is generally written.

Just keep in mind, that attaching a photo is just like attaching any other types of files, you just need to inspect the extension name of the file.

How do I chat on Hotmail?

Ever since Hotmail is accessible from Outlook, the old Hotmail users once again accessing their decade-old email accounts for various uses. Many Hotmail users contact Hotmail technical support see help on how to live chat on Hotmail. It is possible through the following steps:

  • Opening a web browser, the user needs to access Outlook home page. Whereas, if the Hotmail URL is typed, the browser will automatically open Outlook.
  • The user then needs to sign in with the help of Hotmail address and password. Hotmail is acquired by Microsoft, so the entire Hotmail service is available through Outlook.
  • In the upper right-hand corner of the page, the user could find his username. On clicking the username, he will be able to change his current status and edit profile.
  • After selecting the status, he needs to click on the smile messenger icon. It will open up his contact list. On clicking any one contact, a chat dialogue box will open where he could be able to chat by sending and receiving messages.
  • Each time, after writing a message, “enter” is to be pressed when the message will appear in the dialogue box. On the other hand, the response from the sender will also appear in the dialogue box.
  • At any time, the chat can be closed by closing the dialogue box or signing out from the email service.

The Hotmail technical support phone number is a 24/7 active support system for Hotmail users. The technical support staffs are experienced enough to understand and fix any issue related to Hotmail service. They guide the customers in simple language so that anyone can follow an instruction and go on working with his Hotmail account.

Hotmail Password Recovery

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