Google is the world’s most extensively opened website. Google started from a simple search engine but with the passage of time it established itself into a multi-disciplinary service provider through lots of improvement, acquisition and conglomerates. Google has released numerous iconic services on internet which simplified our day to day activities like Gmail, google drive, google maps, google doc, google translation etc. It just requires one google account to access all the benefits of google services. But as the technology evolves, the number of issues that internet user faces also increases. Google technical support team wants to make sure to resolve the issues of the users as soon as possible. Following problems are generally faced by users regarding google.

  • Logging in to the google account due to server problem
  • Reset the google account
  • Controlling spam messages in google mail
  • Recover google account password
  • Controlling google search history setting
  • Problems while recovering backup from Google drive
  • Reactivating google account after suspension
  • Difficulty while trying to access Google Play
  • Crashing of Gmail and sign-in issues
  • Reporting a fake account, spam, trademark infringement, security infringement and so on.
  • Difficulty while managing and using other google services like google maps, google document etc.

As the issues are unavoidable piece of quickly developing technology, Google technical support team has left no stones unturned to reach their users and expedite on their issues

  • To settle an issue by using support forum, you have to get to
  • To report a bug, you have to get to
  • In-case your google account gets compromised or hacked, you should report to
  • If your issue couldn’t be solved from by any other means then you may need to get voice support using third party google technical support number (toll free)
  • Join google community via google plus which will allow you to discuss, resolve the issue and find the root cause of the
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