In this day and age, when you buy a smartphone, you’re not just buying a product; you are buying into an ecosystem. If you have an Android phone, it’s almost a given that you get all your apps from the Google Play Store. Google Play Store is free. Google Play Store was formerly known as Android Market, which is an application developed by Google. Google Play is designed for Android and act as a marketplace for apps. Google Play is just the Android and not on IOS.

Troubleshooting the Google Play Store

It is a frustrating moment when Google play store is not responding or you face any such issues with your Google play store account. You are stuck with the problem and don’t know what to do and how to handle the situation now. Fortunately, Google Play Store has launched their toll free number to help its users.

Whenever you face any issue with Google play store then feel free to directly call on the toll free number. If Google play store has stopped working then you may do the needful by following:

  • Open Settings and go to Apps.
  • Move down to Google Play Store, tap it, and click on “Clear cache”.
  • Perform the same step for clearing cache data for Google Play services.
  • Google Play Store Customer Service

Google Play Store Customer Support 

Users have become more tech savvy and now android devices have been increasing day by day in the market.  Sometimes errors codes repeat again and again and you just look at those stunning messages rather than to do something. You may be looking for ways to fix Google Play Store error and for that you need to contact Google Play Store Customer Service to handle all those error messages.

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