Avail Best Assistance to fix the issue of Google maps not working on iPhone 6

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Google is one of the most commonly used web browsers in the world that allows the users to explore information and data on the internet. The users may explore data and the most updated information on the internet. The users of Google may search for recent information that keeps the users updated with the right information. There are many services provided by Google that helps the business to grow and flourish.

Google Map: A service offered by Google:

The users of Google may leverage many facilities that helps the users to perform their tasks in less time and in a speedy and fast manner. With the help of Google Maps, the users can easily locate their destination by entering the location the users wishes to reach. The GPS installed helps guides the users to their desired destination.

How to resolve the issue of Google maps not working on iPhone6 ?

The users of Google Maps may face issue when the users face the issue of Google Maps not working on iPhone6 .In such issues, the users need to follow the steps stated below:

  • The users need to check the GPS signal. The users need to make sure that the signal strength is not weak which can be the reason of Google maps not working on iPhone6.
  • The user needs to check the location service. The users need to go to the settings section, then to privacy and then the user needs to toggle off the location services.
  • Thereafter the users may reset the location and network settings . For this the users needs to go Settings and then to General , then the users need to press on the reset and privacy button. The users may then enter the password to reset the settings.
  • The users may then save the settings and then restore their iPhones.
  • The users may download the apps again and then save the settings thus made.

Listed above are the steps that the users of Google Map needs to follow when they face the issue of Maps not working on iOS10.

How can the users contact the technical experts?

The users may talk to the technical experts for getting their issues resolved and that too at any point of time