Wordpress  is an online software which you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or an app. As per the surveys 28% of the web world users are using WordPress, starting from writing about their hobby blogs to one of the biggest news sites online. It is one of the things that has taken the world by a roar. Since all the virtual things, softwares, tools etc depend on a number of collateral things, the users may get interrupted due to technical glitches associated with vrious other things associated with the wordpress.
The recent complain that the wordpress users have complained of is that of wordpress not sending email to the same domain. If you are also facing this problem then read this article till the very end.
Follow these steps to fix this issue for yourself-

  • This problem occurs mainly because of two reasons,
  • One can be that your hosting company may have local delivery enabled.
  • This means that due to the domain the server sending the mail to was the same as the current, therefore it was sending the email to address on that server only.
  • Therefore you may need to ask your hosting company to disable this plugin.
  • Secondly it can be because of the email spam filter in in your hosting server.
  • Therefore you might be required to ask them to whitelist your server.
  • Send a mail requesting your email hosting company to see if they can do this for you.