How Can You Do Password Retrieval For Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is recognised as free web based email service. It has numerous components and each one is helpful.Everyone wants to send emails as soon as possible.Windows Live mail is helpful to send emails without any issue.It has several features like Mail, Messenger, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery,Writer,Messenger Companion, and Outlook Connector Pack.Individual can easily download it and it is quite flexible.It is really good to use this but certain threats might not be ignored.To get help at such times,there is need to reach customer service team.Customer support team can be reached even in odd hours.

Multiple issues has been fixed by technical support team.You can see resolution to few of them:

How to do windows live mail password recovery?

  • It is first required to access “Windows Live Mail” email account
  • Now, you need to press "Alt" on the keyboard to display the menus
  • Tap the option of “Tools” menu and select the option of "Accounts".
  • Select the "Accounts" dialogue that will show you all email accounts lists
  • User may now select an account for which you want to change your password
  • Click the option of "Properties",and should tap the option of "Server"
  • You should choose "Mail Server" section,there is need to enter new password in the "Password" section
  • After that, you can check or uncheck the option of "Remember password" depending on your needs
  • When you password will change successfully, tap "OK" for applying the new settings.
  • Select the option of "Close" to return to Windows Live Mail
  • User should see whether problem has been resolved or not

As you may see resolution to above solved issue,if you are satisfied from the solution then it is fine but if need further assistance,you can contact support team immediately.To be in contact of support team,there is need to use helpline number.When you use it,you can directly get the chance to have conversation with live technicians.Individual will be even charged with certain amount of fee,it will be too low to pay by anyone.At times,when you don’t find the answers satisfactory, you are not liable to pay any fee.

There may be some people who will prefer other options to get help,email and live chat are the most suited options in such cases.Those who have done registration in free,they can see discussion columns and text guides.It is always better if the user will reach customer service number to get help.