Solve imap server not working on gmail issues and get the process for setting up IMAP server on Gmail account!!

Gmail can be set up with the server settings of IMAP as well as SMTP any time whenever the user wish to. With the use of these mentioned server settings users can set up their gmail account on any of the device be it android mobile devices or the iphone devices. But, there are various times when the user face issues in setting up the IMAP server and face complex problems while accessing their email account.

Besides, whenever the user face this issue they look for why is not responding related questions and seek the answer for it. This issue generally comes up when there is an internet connection issue or issues related to the wrongly configured servers. is Not Responding on iPhone

Therefore, if the user is facing is not responding iphone issues on their device then they should simply follow the below mentioned steps for it's solution. There are several ways by which this issue can be solved some of which are mentioned below:

  • Firstly the user should check their internet connections and should set up a fast and a proper connection.
  • If the user is facing this issue when connected with the WiFi then they should check the WiFi restrictions for the same. As many times because of the WiFi issues this problem takes place every now and then.
  • The user should also remove their gmail application from their iphone device and should again set it up with the correct IMAP settings.
  • Many times the configuration details are entered wrongly that leads to this issue, so the user should make a check on the configuration servers.
  • If still this issue is taking place then the user should change the IMAP settings server to any other server for making it work in a better way.

Therefore, these above mentioned steps can also be used when the user faces is not responding android issues as well. These steps will totally solve the user's issue and will make it easy and efficient for them to access their gmail account further.

Also there are many users who don’t know about the step to set up imap on their gmail account and requires help. So, for doing this simply follow the given steps :

How to enable IMAP in Gmail account :

  • Firstly go to the settings and click on mail menu.
  • From there select the accounts menu and click on the account that is creating issue.
  • Then select on delete menu and go to the mail option again.
  • From there select the account settings menu and then click on add account label.
  • Now, select the email provider and further enter the sign in information.

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