Norton antivirus is very well reputed antivirus software for Mac as it removes all the viruses and malware from the computer. But as is the case with every software they get slow and sluggish and they need to get uninstalled. Norton makes antivirus software for windows, Mac, and android. This article teaches you to uninstall Norton antivirus from a Mac. There are two ways to do this.

1. Uninstalling through Norton antivirus: This is a software specific procedure, as it differs from software to software. These are the steps to uninstall Norton antivirus software from a Mac

  • Go to the application folder
  • Open a folder named Symantec Solutions
  • Double click on the Symantec Uninstaller file found inside that folder
  • In Uninstall Symantec Products window check the application that has to be uninstalled
  • Click on Uninstall
  • Confirm it by clicking on Confirm
  • In Authenticate windows type the administrator account password
  • Click OK
  • Close the folder by clicking on Close
  • Then click Restart to restart the computer

Following these steps ensures the un-installation of Norton antivirus software from a Mac. After the restart, it can be checked in the application if it shows the availability of Norton or not. If it still shows that Norton is present in the system, do the above steps again and restart again. If the above steps don't work follows the steps written below.

2. Uninstalling through the Trash, Universal method: These steps work for uninstalling any software from a Mac.The steps are as follows

  • Open the application folder
  • Go to Norton antivirus
  • Drag the Norton antivirus app to the trash
  • Right click on the trash icon
  • Select Empty Trash to clear the Norton antivirus from Mac

The above steps ensure the uninstallation of any software from a Mac. If at all the above-mentioned steps don't work and Norton antivirus still exists on the Mac then the Norton antivirus technical support team can be contacted. All kinds of queries regarding the uninstallation process can be done on this website.

If at all a person is not able to go online and to that support website he can give a call to the Norton antivirus technical support phone number and get all the problems rectified through a phone call. Macs provide very smooth user experience so it won't be a problem to uninstall any program from the system. The above steps would work all the time in most cases, if they somehow don't work then there is always the customer support team of that particular software. The customer support team could be contacted and the problem could be rectified this way as well.

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