Are you accessing your Outlook email account on Mac device? Is your Outlook Inbox is about to full. No worry! You just need to delete some emails which are not important for you from your email inbox. It was somehow tedious job. The account holders must click a single email and then proceed to delete it. It was very time consuming. But after launching Mac device it has becomes very simple. In Mac device bulk emails can be deleted. But most of the customers don’t aware to this thus are prompted to contact to authentic Outlook technical support service providers.
If you have a Mac device and emails are handled by the native Outlook mail app. Despite the removal of individual email messages is a relatively simple procedure, delete multiple messages at the same time it is not so. To delete multiple messages, the user must follow the below given steps:

1.    Tap the "Mail" icon on the home screen of Mac device to start the mail application.
2.    Tap the account or mailbox containing the emails you want to delete.
3.    Tap the "Edit" icon to change the mailbox to edit mode. The switch to edit mode makes it possible for you to select multiple messages for simultaneous deletion.
4.    Tap all the messages you want to delete. A check mark in a red circle next to each email you have selected.
5.    Click on the "Delete" button to delete the selected messages.

After following the above given steps you can successfully delete multiple emails at a time. If you are still facing the same technical problems then call on Outlook technical support phone number. We are ensuring you that you will get the best possible help from experienced and dedicated email support experts.