Pokémon GO' are currently taking the world by storm. It is a mobile game for Android phones and iPhones that use the world as a game board, depending on where the player is located. The popular game Pokemon Go have got millions of people worldwide to spend a lot of time walking around outside to search for Pokémon. But still many people have only heard of the game and don’t know how to play Pokemon Go.

All about Pokemon Go

The idea of ​​the game is that you need to find other pokemonner in your area by physically moving around the cityscape, as you go through a short bout against. You will also encounter the so-called PokeStops, where you can collect various objects and Gyms where you can compete against other players and train your pokemonner.

How to play Pokemon Go on Android

If you are among one who is looking for how to play Pokémon on android without moving then there is a foolproof method to cheat Pokémon app to believe that you are moving. Of course there are many good things associated with walking several kilometers a day - better physical, weight loss and lots of fresh air. But there are also lots of inconveniences associated with it - the risk of injury or even arrested. But luckily there is advice for the nervous and lazy: One can easily cheat the app to think that you are moving.

Pokemon Go hacks and tricks have filled the internet market. The game is connected to GPS and real-life physical locations so that players are required to move outside to catch all the Pokémon but there are a few methods through which you can keep playing the game even without moving an inch


  • Enable developer option from settings. For this, Open “Settings” and move to “About phone” option and tap the Build Number 7 times.
  • Look for Pokemon Joystick Module and download it. Run the application and install it.
  • Then Look for Hide Mock Location Module and download it. Run the application and install it.
  • Navigate to the Developer Option and Enable mock location option.
  • Activate both modules from the xposed installer and restart the android device.
  • Open Joystick and now enjoy playing the game without moving.