Norton antivirus is just the anti malware system protection software application. Which has been launched and developed by the Symantec company. Since Norton company was came into existance since year 1991 in the month of August, with its main head office in California in America.

Norton antivirus is not working properly in the system :
Follow up the below given solution to resolve your issue :

  • May be there in your system more than one application software has been installed in it.
  • This could be the reason, stop all your application running at that moment then close your system and then again start it to function well.
  • Delete your software program from your system and then again install it to function it well.
  • May be your Norton antivirus is been out dated, which needs the upgradation so just update it from the official site.
  • May be some other stored application is creating some hindrance in your path, so just remove it from your system.

Hence this could be some of the common reason that could be  creating issue while performing any task in your system. So, to resolve this contact to Norton antivirus tech support team in order to get there assistance.

How to get the solution for the technical person of the Norton employee :
To get rid of the problem by your self support then just reinstall the software after uninstalling it. And to do so the process is as follows :-

  • First of all, switch to your computing device.
  • Then after more to the start icon present on the bottom of the screen.
  • Now just click that ‘start’ option, and from there move to the ‘all programs’ option.
  • From there it will display you a list of software programs presently saved in your system.
  • Find there for ‘trend micro security’ from the options and after that click on the tools options and then to help bar.
  • To remove the software, just click on the ‘uninstall’ option.
  • When finish with installing then just move to install it from the official site again.
  • Switch to the official site and make it download to your respective computer system.

Hence this particular solution are sufficient enough to resolve your problem out and provide you the full detailed information regarding the support you have asked from the technical employee of the Norton.

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