ZIP files are a type of bunching of multiple files and then sending it at once by attaching the single file to the mail. Zipping a file compress it and makes its suitable to upload and send via any email client like gmail. Users can make a zip file of documents like word file, pdf, or any other format files like music etc. and send it easily to any recipients through email.

How to create a zip folder to send through Gmail

Sending a large number of files takes lot of time. So creating a zip folder for them makes it easy to attach and send multiple files in a single shot. But most of the Gmail users don’t know how to zip a file in Gmail. Thus to attach and send zip files through gmail, users need to follow a set of instruction to know about how to create a zip file and attach it to send through gmail.

  • If there are multiple files to send, select those files and store them in a separate folder.
  • Right click on the folder and click on “Compressed Folder”.
  • You will see a new zipped folder with same name as the original folder.
  • Now open gmail and click on “Compose mail”.
  • Enter recipient email address and click on file attachment.
  • Select the compressed folder and add it to the attachment.
  • Once the attachment is added, click on “Send” button.

Gmail Support to zip a file

Sending multiple files in a single shot is challenging job for many gmail users who are not aware about how to zip attachments in gmail. For the users facing trouble, they can contact to gmail tech support to provide solutions for their issues and queries. Users need to install a compressing program like WinRAR or Nero. Then they will be able to create a zip file. Sending zip files takes nothing. It is an easy to use process. So if you want to create a zip folder then follow the instruction as stated and send multiple files in just one single email.

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