Steps that you can use to retrieve scanned documents from HP printer!

If you have got your documents printed and now you need to retrieve your document but you are unable to locate those documents on your computer, and you are puzzled with the question how to retrieve scanned documents from hp printer, you can go through following and know how to retrieve the document:

The first and foremost step that you need to go through is you need to search Windows for HP: If you have windows installed on your laptop and you have connected the HP printer to your windows OS, you can search Windows for HP.

  1. To search for HP brand on your Windows operating system, on the search bar that you can find on the home screen of your laptop installed with Windows OS, you can type HP.
  2. Click on the printer model name and open HP printer assistant: Typing HP shows a list of printer model that your computer recognizes, you need to click on the printer model name and open the HP printer assistant.
  3. Click on Scan a document or photo and open HP scan: Open HP scan by clicking on scan a document or photo.
  4. Click on one of the shortcuts.
  5. Click on Advanced settings or more.
  6. Click the Destination and you can see Browse option which is located next to the Save location or Save to Folder box.
  7. Search for the document in the current location.

If you have Mac with you and you need to retrieve the scanned documents on Mac and you are searching for the answer of

how to retrieve scanned documents from HP printer:

  1. Search for hp by inputting the word HP in the search bar of your Mac laptop.
  2. Also, you can try the following procedure to search for the document:

> Click on the Spotlight icon that you can find in the top right corner of your screen.

> Now, in the text field, type Date: Today.

> Now, press Return.

> In the drop -down menu, you need to click on the Show All option.

> It shows all the files which have been created or have been modified.

Use the above steps to retrieve documents from your computer. If you need assistance to retrieve your document, you can contact the HP customer care. The customer care executives provide incessant support to help you retrieve your documents.

Along with the above mentioned issues, you can contact the customer care for other issues as well. Since, the customer care executives of HP are well trained, adept, professional and provide end to end solution to customer query, you can contact the customer support or tech support whenever needed.

Following enlists the issues for which you can contact the tech support or customer support:

  • If you need assistance to install your printer: If you need to install your printer and you need expert assistance, you can contact the customer care of hp and whatever be your printer type, you can get your printer installed.
  • When you get paper jammed issue: If your printer has got paper jammed issue. For any kind of issue, all you need to do is contact the customer care because if you try to resolve the issue by yourself, it might happen that you may end up complicating the issue. So, it is better to get your issues resolved with the assistance of customer care.
  • If your printer is too old and you need assistance in identifying what causes the issue: There might be some unknown issues which might be creating hindrance in the printing and scanning path, so you can resolve the issues by contacting the customer care.
  • Printer not printing color: If there has been the issue like printer not printing properly or not printing colorful, you can contact the customer care and resolve the issue accordingly.
  • If you need any assistance for example you need to know how to print or how to scan: You are a newbie and you need assistance regarding how to use your computer, you can contact the customer care of HP printer and get the assistance to know the procedure to print and scan. It is better to have an expert advice and then use the machine rather than trying it by yourself.
  • Needed to know about special features of HP: Each model of HP printer has unique feature that you makes every model of HP printer unique. So, when you need to by the printer or have already bought the printer and need to know how to use the printer, you can contact the customer support.

For above issues and other issues as well, you can contact the customer support.

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