The Microsoft Outlook 2010 comes with the "Junk Email filter" feature that assists to reduce the unwanted email/messages in the Outlook Inbox. This feature evaluates every incoming message to access, whether it may be spam, depend on various factors. The Junk email is also known as spam, which is moved by the filter away to the Junk E-mail folder. Therefore, users can periodically see the messages in the Junk E-mail folder to check for authentic messages, which were mistakenly classified as junk. If users a message which is not junk, then drag them back to the Inbox or to another folder. Make sure that by default, the "Junk Email Filter" is turned 'ON' and the Protection Level is set to 'Low'. 

However, reviewing the spam folder is easy, but often recovering or restore the missing messages to the Inbox from junk mail folder or restore junk mail folder in outlook  is quite difficult. So, if you are one of those users and facing the same issue and want to quick solutions, then don't take the tension anymore.

Let's See How to Restore Junk Mail Folder in Outlook?

  1. First, open your Junk Email folder in Outlook email account.
  2. Then open/highlight that email which you'd like to recover from your spam folder.
  3. If the email is open in the reading pane or just highlighted in the folder list, then ensure the "HOME" ribbon tab is visible.
  4. Or if the message is open in its own window, then ensure the ribbon tab is active &  expanded in the message window.
  5. In the Delete section, hit on "Junk" folder 
  6. Choose "Not Junk" option from the menu which shows.
  7. Then you have to add the particular sender name or email address to your "Safe senders’" list, and ensure this option is checked "Always trust e-mail" option from “…” section in the Mark as Not Junk window.
  8. Click "OK" button.
  9. Now, Outlook will automatically move the message (from such senders ) into your Inbox or the message's previous folder (safe senders list), where you can read & work on it.

At any point, if the users are unable to pursue the above steps or any doubt or wants to avail technical guidance to fix the issues, so they can avail the Outlook technical support from contacting our third party tech support team. The proficient and experienced technicians are always ready to assist for users in their troublesome situations. They will give the  users an easy guide to fix this issue and other Outlook difficulties in a short time.