Blue Screen Error: Causes and probable solution

Blue Screen Error is one of the most fatal errors in computer that is often associated with hardware of the computer or the software that run the hardware of the machine. This type error often leaves the computer at the risk of crashing at any time.

What causes a blue screen error?

A blue screen error is known in different names like stop error and blue screen of death, this situation can happen if a problem causes a computer to shut down improperly.  This error pervades normal activities and normal icons to appear in the screen. Hence due to invisibility of stat menu and taskbar etc. user will not be able to work on the computer. Most frequently, the screen shows a message which means that the PC is facing some severe problems.
When a blue screen error occurs, Windows spontaneously generates a file that contains details about the error which helps to understand the issue correctly. But, this type of files can only be read by expert technicians who have in-depth knowledge on this type of error.
Blue screen error can occur in the below mentioned three situations –
•         While using the computer – This may occur while using a new version of Windows in old hardware set up, or errors in some operating files.
•         While updating Windows – The error may occur while installing new updates of the OS. This also occurs mostly due to incompatibility.

How to remove blue screen error?

There is no specific solution for blue screen error; it depends on the type of error for which the problem has occurred. The action center in Windows 7 and upgraded versions preserve the details of the error and can be referred for the probable trouble shoot.  By searching in the internet with the error message can sometimes reveal the probable solution.
Here are some other steps that can be adopted to solve the blue screen error –
•         Trying system restore- If blue screening is occurring recently and the problem is not permanent, the system restore can help to run the system smoothly. But this will be effective only if the problem is sourced by any software related issues.
•          Opening the computer from safe mode – If the blue screen error is occurring due to any new driver installation, opening the system from ‘safe mode’ can help to fix the issue.
•         Detecting hardware issue – Blue screen error can occur due to hardware failure. So, if the problem is not solved by any of the above method it is feasible to check the hardware to mitigate the error.