Gmail password recovery phone number always advice their esteem users to frequently change or reset their password in order to protect the data and information from getting hacked or misused by strangers therein maintaining the security and safety of the user virtual message. To do the needful hassle free and flawless the user are always recommended to contact the Gmail technical support team and seek their expert assistance for changing the Gmail password. To successfully recover the account password, the user first need to

  • Visit the official website of Gmail
  • Then select Settings from the menu
  • Under this the user need to first click the Settings gear in the Gmail's navigation bar and then select Settings from the menu
  • Then go to the "Accounts" Category
  • And follow the onscreen instructions of Change password
  • To click the link under Change account settings the user need to go to the Accounts or Accounts and Import category
  • Then follow the Change password link under Change account settings
  • Then Type the Current Gmail Password Over "Password" under Please re-enter your password
  • Then Click Sign in
  • Then re-enter the New Password and confirm the same
  • The user is always recommended and advised to make sure that the password is strong enough to guess and difficult for the hackers to break through. To make it strong, the password should be a combination of both alphabets and numeric along with capital letter. The reason behind making the password strong enough is basically to serve both the purpose of maintaining the security of the account and also easy to remember
  • Then Click Change Password
  • This is implement the new password
  • Henceforth the users need to keep in mind and use the new password while logging in next time from any including laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet

For any further assistance, the user is asked to contact the Gmail customer service at a toll free number and seek assistance from the highly professional experts.