Gmail toll free is the number, which is there for the convenience of the individuals .The technical expert who will answer the call will look in the concern of the individual  and will surely provide you the apt solution by  making use of his knowledge  and skill.

Gmail account recovery is the common issue which is faced today.The engineers who answer the call  along with recovery their account on android as it s the core concern they can also resolve other concerns by using alternative email account which is linked to it , by answering security questions which they might have answered while they have set up the account .

On android they can even generate one time password .They even tell you step by step in lay man how can you do it in the simplest way first click on internet on your android ,  go to Gmail try to sign in by entering your email id and the password if the password is  not correct  it will not log you in , in this case hit on need help, this will take you to new screen where it will give you options regarding having trouble signing in click on the option  I don’t know my password it will ask you to put your email address hit on continue, on the next screen it will ask you cog the same characters mentioned above if you correctly enter it will take you to next page or otherwise it will ask you do it again  click continue. On the next screen it will ask you to enter the password that you can recall or you think that could be.

In oder to ensure,  if it’s the user himself or herself trying to change the password it will send one time password on your android phone  click on send.Conformation screen will come up where it ask you whether it is you who is trying to rest the password click on yes then it will give you the option , reset your password click on reset ,on the next screen it will ask you enter your new password and then it will ask you re enter it again after doing it click on change password .Once this is done the screen will come up stating that your password has successfully changed.

In case if you are using android 5.1 or the higher version you have to wait for 24 hours to access the account once the password has been changed . the user you always ensure that the password is a strong password .This is how the Gmail toll free number comes handy as it helps you to fix all the problem quickly and the experts are available 24*7 all around the world