Gmail account is the mailing service that plays a very important role in the life of a person who anyways have any connection with the computing world. Because this service provides every user with the fastest way of connecting to the outer world with the help of messages in the form of mails.

Just by creating an account on the gmail homepage you get access to the platform which have many other features as well as other than the web mailing service.It just require few minutes to browse the home page of the gmail and then opt for the sign up process.The process takes another few minutes to enter certain required information related to the users and then the next step is to enter the user name and the password of completely your choice.

Once you are done with this process, now you can easily manage other settings of the account. You can know how to recover gmail password, the steps are explained below:-

  1. you can recover the gmail password directly by browsing the account home page
  2. since this page provides the option which says HAVING TROUBLE SIGNING IN
  3. here you can opt for I DONT’T KNOW MY PASSWORD option
  4. after clicking on it, you have to enter the old password that you remember since it would help in the recovery process
  5. after that you need to verify the number on which you will get a verification code
  6. then choose the recovery option as the phone number one
  7. now just enter the verification code in the field and you are done.

In case you wants to go for other recovery methods then contact the Gmail password recovery team for required help.