Every printer is different from other and can provide a better printing quality if the ink is loaded properly.  Here are the steps to how to load the ink cartridge in Hp printer.

  1. Write down the printer brand and model number.
  2. At the ink cartridge store, user can get the ink required by showing the type of the printer and the model number.
  3. Now if the replacement is ready then user can remove the existing cartridge.
  4. Pull it with proper care away from the point of attachment.
  5. Before opening the packet of cartridge, shake it well so that it can provide a better printing quality.
  6. After opening the packet, remove the label or sticker kind of sheet from the dispenser.
  7. Now put the cartridge and now this time press it little more and in the opposite angle from which the older one was removed.
  8. Now close the lid of the printer and test the printing by inserting a paper.
  9. Check all the connections and its done !

For any problem regarding printers, user can always ask for HP Printer Technical Support. The support is 24/7 available by the expert executives of HP printer technology.