Ubuntu is an open source operating system based upon Linux. The operating system can be used in desktops , laptops and even on servers. The operating system is compatible with any kind of hardware devices like printers or scanners etc. Like wise , HP printers are very much easier to connect and install and set up on system having Ubuntu operating system.  HP has printer with their own library of drivers for every operating system. For Ubuntu also, HP has own set of drivers compatible with the operating system. Here shown is the process to how to install hp printer in ubuntu 16.04 version.

HP Printer Installation Guide In Ubuntu 16.04

  1. If user is not having the drivers package, he must first install it. It is HPLIP.
  2. Go to Hp printer web site. Check for Drivers package for Ubuntu and download that in the system.
  3. In the command window, type, cd /tmp && wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/hplip/hplip-3.17.11.run.
  4. This will install the drivers.
  5. Now type the command, sh hplip-3.17.11.run, to install the driver package.
  6. The wizard will start and press Y to continue.
  7. Then on the next screen, select , Automatic, installation.
  8. When asked to install missing dependencies, type Y.
  9. Now user can see the wizard saying the Installation Completes, after few minutes.
  10. User should follow the further instructions.
  11. Connect the printer through the USB.
  12. The printer wizard will open.
  13. Now , user can give the Print command , to test the connection.

User should contact an expert from HP , if there is any technical problem persists. The executives are 24/7 available. They can provide proper troubleshooting  for the complete HP installation process.