How To Troubleshoot The Technical Issues Associated With HP Printer

HP printer is a well known name among the various brand of printers. It offers the good quality printing document and can work reliably for many years. With the advancement of technology HP printer includes various features. Users may find various issues with HP printer like how to configure it on your device, black ink is not printing, how to scan, printer not printing properly, wireless setup, wi-fi connection is not available and many more. These issues can be resolved easily with the help of technical support team of HP.

How to find HP printer IP address in window 7

You need to find out the IP address of your printer if you are setting up your printer on a network and use TCP/IP port printing. To obtain the IP address you can follow the below mentioned approaches:

  • If you have a physical access to the printer then print a configuration page by pressing and holding the “Go” or “Power” button. On the configuration page you will find the IP Address.
  • If your printer has built in screen feature then navigate to a network settings to find the IP address.
  • Check the settings on the computer to find the IP address. Go the “start” and find the “Devices and printers”. Now make a right click on printer and select the “printer properties”. Now select the port to see the IP address the printer is using.
  • Many routers also provide an effective interface that enables you to find the IP address of your printer on the network.
  • This is the last approach to find the IP address. If any of the above mentioned approach doesn’t work then use Angry IP to scan the range of IP addresses. The Angry IP utility tool will show you a list of devices on every IP address on the network.

Obtaining the IP address of any printer should be freeze for anybody if you use these mentioned approaches to find the IP address of printer. If you are getting any difficulty during following these approaches then immediate contact to HP printer tech support phone number team. They provide a unique and reliable solution to solve your technical issues. They are always ready to provide support you.

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