How Can You Backup Contacts and Messages in Windows Live Mail Accounts?

Windows Live Mail is free software email client from Microsoft. The successor to Windows Mail (for Windows Vista), Windows Live Mail officially supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2.   

Do you want to backup contacts and messages in your Windows Live Mail account? If yes, Windows Live Mail technical support provides the necessary methods.

Windows Live Mail technical support: Backup Messages

1. Create a backup location: Create an empty folder where you would like to store backup messages.

2. Backup Messages from Windows Mail: Launch the Windows Mail application. Select the File tab. Choose the Export option, and then the Messages option. The Windows Mail Export window appears. Select Microsoft Windows Mail. Click OK and then Next. Browse to the empty folder you created in Step 1. Select the Export To location option. Click Next. Select the folders you want to backup. Click Next and Finish.

Windows Live Mail technical support: Backup Contacts

1. Select Windows Contacts: Launch the Windows Mail application. Select the File tab and the Export option. Select the Windows Contacts option.

2. Export the contacts from Windows Mail: Select the format (CSV or VCF) in which you would like to save the contacts. Click the Export button once you have chosen the format. Select the specific fields (first name, last name, or others) in contacts that you would like to export.

Windows Live Mail technical support provides constructive solutions and redressal mechanisms for technical snags.