Adding Signature To Outlook 2013

It can be said that Email signatures are the shoes of the corporate industry. Many a times we just need a short to the point signature for the one chain replies that we do. Sometimes for the office one or for the official a formal one. Then, there arises the need to have personalized signatures.

We can create personalized signatures for our email messages which includes images, text, logo, our business card or even an image of our handwritten signature. We either can choose which messages need to include a signature or set up the signature so that they can be added up automatically with all the outgoing messages.

In Microsoft’s Outlook, signature options is available too. It is sometimes difficult to find, deeply buried somewhere in the backstage mode of the options.

Steps to Add Signature In Outlook 2013

So, if we were doing it manually to add the signatures right with our email messages we can do so by creating our personalized signature for Outlook. We can have different signature for the personal mails and business mails.

In order to create a new signature we need to follow the certain steps and procedure which is explained in the below steps :

  • Open Outlook 2013 and then click on the File tab.
  • Then,  on the left side of Account Information screen, click on the Options in the Menu list.
  • Click on Mail in the list of options on the left side of the dialog box of the Outlook Options Dialog Box.
  • Click on the Signatures in the compose messages section of the Mail Screen.
  • In order to Edit the box on the Signatures and Stationery dialog box, click on New.
  • Give a descriptive and suitable name in the Edit Box in the dialog box asking for the name for the signature.
  • Then, click on OK button.
  • We are then back to the Signature and Stationery dialog box and in the Select signature to edit box the name which we entered is displayed. If it is only signature, it will automatically get selected.
  • Next, enter the text for our signature in the Edit Signature box.
  • If we want to apply font, size and other type of paragraph formatting whichever is desired for our signature, we can apply that.
  • Finally, click on OK button and accept the changes that we have made.
  • Click on OK button to finally close the dialog box.

Outlook Technical Support

In case on following the above mentioned steps, there may arise or come some of the technical issues. Then, we just need not worry, it is quite obvious where we may encounter some or the other issues in order to set the things up. For this, we have the Outlook’s dedicated team for the specific purpose to check out the issues and then deliver the resolution to such issues on time.

Specialized technical executives can be contacted over Email or chat or say discussion forums for technical assistance..

Outlook Technical Support Number

Microsoft has the Technical helpdesk number provided for support for it’s customer 24/7. Regarding Outlook related issues they can be reached out at the Outlook technical support number