A one stop solution to your google related problems and everything you need to know about the sync with google.

A Google sync feature is offered by google Inc. to there user to sync their data with google clouds so that in case you lost your mobile or any other device then your personal data must not be lost which you have saved on the phone memory. So in this case if you have already synced your data like music, photos, document or contact numbers with google then you may retrieve lost data without any tension. This google sync technology is highly usable for the general people either it’s related to business or personal thing, people should not take any risk to lost their personal data or business data,it might cost a very hard as in this fast growing technological Era where everything is available on your finger tip, cyber crime is also increasing and we should not neglect this thing.

Google Contact Sync

Google contact sync is a feature in which google stores all your contact numbers in it’s cloud environment so that it can be accessible from any other platform at any time. Like in case if you want to contact your friend but you left your phone in the hotel room, so you don’t need to worry just access your google account from any PC around you and you can get all your personal contacts into your google account. Another good advantage of google contact sync is that if you want to change you phone then you need not to type and save all the contacts one by one in your phone ,you just have to login to google accounts and all the contacts will automatically visible to your new phone. In these ways google is making person lives easier.So in order to sync the contacts with google accounts you should know the google contact sync steps and it is described here.

Below are the steps you must follow to sync the contacts with the google.

  1. Firstly you should have register for google accounts if you don’t have any.
  2. Now once you got the google account user id and password then add google accounts to your phoine.
  3. Third step is to go to phone settings and enable ‘Accounts and Sync’.
  4. You will have to enabled the ‘Sync Contacts’ option in your device.
  5. Once you enable the sync option in your device your all the contacts will start synchronizing with google accounts.

 Google Contacts Manager

If you have followed all the above steps then you must surely able to sync the contact with google but If you still face any issue and not reaching at appropriate place then you should not need to worry .Without any second thought just pickup your phone and contact the google contacts manager or just dial the google contact number from your phone and our customer support expert will there to help you. Our experts are well qualified who can resolve the issue 24-7.