Google Error 404 is the HTTP server status that means that the website you are searching for could not be found on the Google’s server. This type of error can appear in any browser and operating system. But we are discussing the Google error 404 not found in this piece of information. There might be many reasons for this error that appears in front of you. Let us study the causes of this error first.

Causes of Gmail Error 404 Not Found

  1. One of the very common reasons for this error can be that the user might have typed the wrong URL and that cannot be identified on the Google servers. Hence, the result shows that the page cannot be found.
  2. Other reason can be the website has been removed from the server for the purpose of maintenance and might come into action after some time.
  3. Another possibility can be that the website might have started using a different URL and did not directed the previous link to the new one before shutting the link down.

How to fix Google Error 404 not found

As we have listed the possible causes for which you might face this issue. We are here to give the solution as well. Follow the steps below to know how to fix the Google error 404 not found.

  • Right click the mouse button and try to reload and refresh the page. Press F5 and wait for few seconds to see whether the URL loads or not. Also, try to go back and search again as it might be possible that you have typed the wrong link.
  • Check for the errors in the URL. as told in brief in the previous point that you might have typed or clicked wrong URL. hence get your URL checked.
  • If the website is accessible on other device and not on your computer then your problem might be in your system. You can solve this by clearing the caches and website cookies if available and then try to search the same URL again.

Many other solutions are available to fix this issue. In case you are still not able to search your desired site then you can wait for some time as the website might be under construction and might take a few hours to come into action again.