Apple has designed its devices with the technology which helps in connecting it with television. Thus user can create their own theater and can watch videos , movies etc. User can connect his iphone or ipad with the television using the HDMI( high definition multimedia interface) cable. But if hdmi is not supported by the television then user can go for other methods to connect the iphone or ipod to the TV. Here is the process for how to connect iphone to tv without hdmi.

  1. Get an analog adapter which is compatible with the TV and the iphone.
  2. Connect one of the side with the iphone and the other one with the TV.
  3. Connect the cabels for audio and video , as red, yellow and white in their appropriate sockets.
  4. Mount the iphone for regular charging.
  5. User can make connection to his headphones or to the home theater system.

User can also use Air Play and Apple TV. Air Play is a device invented at Apple itself for wireless streaming of audios and videos. Earlier it was just for audios and thus called as Air Tunes. Apple TV is a digital media player that receives the data and stream it into the television. For using Air Play and Apple TV, the iphone must be iphone 4 and Apple TV must be 2- generation or later.

  1. Check weather both the devices has latest version of ios.
  2. The iphone and the Apple TV both should be in the same network.
  3. Connect the Apple TV with the TV.
  4. Turn ON the television.
  5. In the Apple TV interface, click on the Air Play to turn it ON.
  6. Turn ON the mirroring if user wants to see on both the screens. Usually this is required during presentations.